History Day

Key Stage 1 all dressed up as the Victorians. The children were greeted by their own Victorian teachers in the morning.. followed by a typical Victorian handwriting lesson involving chalk. They then took on different roles like factory workers, chimney sweeps, rich children and poor children and wrote their own character profiles.

In the afternoon they made the traditional cup and ball game and tried them out with the other classes and some parents. The children found the day to be very worthwhile… but most of them preferred to come back to 2012!

Have a look at some of the pictures from our very productive Victorian school day 🙂

Victorian History Day on PhotoPeach

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  1.    Miss Reece Says:

    I was really impressed with your Victorian classroom, and was particularly surprised and pleased by the way you all stood up and greeted me as I came through the door ! I also thought your handwriting was fantastic ! (but I thought your teacher was a bit scary…don’t tell her I said that ! )

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